February 10, 2023

Happy Counselor Appreciation Week!

We are grateful for our school counselor, Mr. White, and our Centerstone Counselors, Kourteney and Mya! We celebrated them throughout the week by decorating their offices, writing cards, having doughnuts in the teachers’ lounge, and even getting them a little gift!

February is Staff Appreciation month at SES!

Every day in February, two staff members are chosen to receive a gift card to show our appreciation! The gift cards were donated by families, our community, and our PTO! Sprunica loves its staff!


Students at SES have been determining their RIASEC scores! Students who are determined Realistic are considered the “doers”. Students who are Investigative are the “thinkers”. Students who are Artistic are the “creators”. Students who are Social are the “helpers”. Students who are Enterprisers are the “persuaders”, and students who are Conventional are considered the “organizers”. Check out these awesome displays!

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite part of school?

“Friday Special Event”- Henry. “Math”-Aiden. “Reading”- Donald. “Mrs. Hanus!”-Callie. “Blakely”- Bexley
“PE!!!”-Easton, Hudson, Easton, Ethan, and Miles. “EVERYTHING!”- Owen

“I love music class!”- Lennon
“I love learning. I want to be smart like my dad!”- Bella
” I love the teachers. They’re all really nice!” – Kennedy
“I love doing math and science and going to PE!”- Isaac. “I love math and PE!”- Benjamin. “I love the teachers!”- Emmett
“I like Science”- Jax. “All the teachers- they’re nice!”- Averi