The Good Egg


The kiddos in room 200 have been comparing and contrasting children’s lives in the past and present during literacy this week. Today they experienced writing with quill pens and ink. This week room 200 has been diving deeper into the World of Work to discover our own RIASEC letters. The students took a survey to help them discover the things they like and do not like to do. Students then used the scores from the survey to determine the children’s areas of interest on the RIASEC and added their photos to their class display. Next they will be researching jobs and hobbies that fall under each area of the RIASEC to see what types of things the children may like to do in the future. They have also sent home a copy of the survey for parents to try in the hope of spurring some interesting conversations around the dinner table. Pictures. Mrs. Peels class has been reading about cause and effect. Students are creating larger shapes out of smaller shapes that are either flipped, slid, or turned? E.g., two trapezoids make one hexagon.  Students are writing a recipe’s instructions after they’ve compiled the tools and ingredients they needed to make the dish. The students have also been studying realistic jobs they can do when they get older such as a chef! Some of the kinders want to feed other people: Holden said “I want to own a food truck and make lunch for everyone in Indiana!    

First Grade

In first grade this week the students were innovative thinkers! They read several different books about how to catch leprechauns. We talked about what they thought might work, what might not work, and how they could be successful in their quest. They had a task to build a leprechaun trap at home with their families. They could use any supplies they had at home, and I encouraged them to be as creative as possible! They had so much fun with this, and I am so proud of their finished products! They presented their projects to their classmates on Friday! Way to go first grade!

Second Grade

The second graders “flew” to England to explore a new fairy tale, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” Students created a lift the flap booklet designed to look like the wardrobe from the book. Each student answered comprehension questions, illustrated their thoughts & opinions, and got their passports stamped when the trip was completed. 

Third Grade

This week in third grade the students took our IREAD test.  Students worked hard and tested very well.  The teachers and staff were very proud of them.  They continued with our fraction unit and took our unit test.  Students celebrated their progress in memorizing our multiplication facts with an ice cream party.  Students earned a topping for every set of multiplication facts they passed.  In writing, they started working on an informational essay where students compared two sources, took notes and wrote an essay that is several paragraphs long.  This will take them awhile to complete, but they are off to a good start.

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade mathematicians learned how to make equivalent fractions this week. In small group time, they added a foldable to their notebook that helps them remember how they can multiply to get equivalent fractions. They are also continuing to practice division as their centers this month are all about division. Students have been trucking right along in reading and language arts. They have started a new book study- “Tuck Everlasting” The students NEVER want to stop reading. This has started many great conversations! They finished their narrative essays and attached them to our digital portfolios. They worked on verb tense in grammar. Mrs. Sawyer’s homeroom filled their marble jar and had a painting party today!

Fifth Grade

This week in 5th grade ELA the students have been reviewing and learning many figures of speech and literary devices in poetry and fiction. They are also learning how to analyze the structure of poems. The students will continue with this work the week after break before we head into nonfiction. 

Students will be taking a cumulative test over the 50 words with Greek/Latin roots that they have learned and studied over the past 6 weeks. 5th graders are starting to realize that knowing Greek and Latin roots comes in handy in all subjects!

A quote from Gage B. after spending some time on Beable this week: ” I like the Challenge Power Ups where you can compete with other players to see who reads the most.” What a great incentive to get students to read more!

This week in 5th grade math, the students reviewed equivalent fractions, finding least common multiples, and greatest common factors. After break, they will be ready to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions!

In social studies the students began reviewing for our spring I-LEARN assessment. We spent time reviewing everything we have learned this year!
After spring break, the students are going to begin their economics unit as they prepare for our JA Bizz Town trip!


Kindergarten – This week the students learned about weather. Specifically, they talked about the needs for people as they face different weather. They read a story about a young boy named Kevin who kept losing his sweater and jacket because it was spring. Because it was cold in the morning he wore something warm. However, at recess he would take his jacket or sweater off and forget he had it because it was warm outside. From the book they were able to discuss how they have different needs based on the weather.

1st Grade – This week the students learned about where different animals live and how they survive in their environment. Students also learned they can use their surroundings to help them survive. The students then applied what they learned to understand how people survive in different conditions. Students began seeing how other people build different types of houses to help them survive in cold climates. Students began an activity where they came up with ideas for how they would make a house to survive. Students then put their ideas together to sketch a house they would make to live in the cold regions of the world.

2nd Grade – This week students finished and tested their popsicle saving devices. Students placed a popsicle in their device and placed them under a heat lamp for an hour. These students are amazing. Everyone of their popsicles survived in the heat. The students met the real world problem we were trying to solve. The problem was how to save a popsicle as a treat after a summer soccer game. Students finished the week celebrating their success by eating a popsicle. 

3rd Grade – This week the students finished testing their final Project Lead the Way designs. After testing, students spent time in the final stages of the engineering design process. These steps are the evaluate and explanation steps. This included drawing conclusions from their test data. The explanation step is where they had to document what their data helped them conclude and what their strengths and weaknesses were in their designs. The students finished out the week having their trimester prize drawing where students were able to get prizes based on their behavior from the 2nd trimester. They could also use their behavior charts. Every student was rewarded for good choices and great behavior from the 2nd trimester.

4th Grade – This week the students spent time doing a review of their geological forces unit. They also did a test over our Birth of Rocks unit. On Thursday, the students had their trimester prize drawing where students were able to get prizes based on their behavior from the 2nd trimester and their behavior charts that were turned in. Students were rewarded for good choices and great behavior from the 2nd trimester. They finished the week with their annual Rock Day. This is a day the students celebrate every year in 4th grade Science right after their birth of rocks unit. Students collect rocks and bring them to class.  They set up stations where they can show their rocks off to their classmates. This includes discussing special features of their rocks, where they might have come from, and what type of rock they are. They also had an ice cream celebration for students taking such good care of our vex kits during our previous unit.

5th Grade – Students started documenting their findings from their mechanical testing. They took a survey to help them rate and analyze how effective the tests of other teams are. All the students were able to peer review other students’ groups. This was a great way of letting students see what they did well and what they needed to improve upon. This also helped students see how their own created test were challenging for other groups. They also finished the last two steps of their engineering process for their mechanical testing unit. They finished the week having their trimester prize drawing.  Students  were able to get prizes based on their behavior from the 2nd trimester and their behavior charts they turned in. Students were rewarded for good choices and great behavior from the 2nd trimester.

School Nurse

Hey everyone! It has been a great week in the Van Buren health office! It seems like we may finally be over most of the germs! We did have a visit from the dentist, that was fun! Shout out to Mrs. Liz, our awesome corporation nurse for setting that up, and coming out to help it run smoothly! Our students did great during their visits to the dentist, and I sure loved seeing their shining smiles headed back to class! I know that spring break is upon us, I hope everyone has a great time, remember to stay healthy, wash your hands, and brush those teeth! We will see you after break!!