May 12, 2023

A special song for our teachers!

Third grade wrote a song for SES teachers to show their appreciation!

Kindergarten Visits the Zoo!

On Wednesday, Kindergarten classes took a trip up to Indy to visit the zoo! While there they not only got to explore the zoo, but they got to participate in an “Animal Encounter” where they were able to get up close to some turtles! We are so grateful for this opportunity!

Sprunica Track Meet

Monday, Sprunica track athletes competed at our district-wide track meet and did amazingly! Check out their stats below!

100M- Girls

(1st Place) Alexis Eastridge (5th Grade) Tied with Alea Metsch (5th Grade)

(3rd Place) Violet Egenolf (4th Grade)


(1st Place) Dillon Williams (4th)


(1st Place) Lillian Stoughton (3rd)

(3rd Place) Ellie Harsch (3rd)


(1st Place) Dillon Williams (4th)


(1st Place) Ellie Harsch (3rd)

(2nd Place) Violet Egenolf (4th)

(3rd Place) Cecilia Wimmenauer (5th)


(1st Place) Alea Metsch (5th)

(2nd Place) Alexis Eastridge (5th)


(1st Place) Lincoln Adams (3rd)

(2nd Place) Colin Dusenbury (5th)

(3rd Place) Owen Bohbrink (2nd)


(1st Place) Kenzie Gibson (3rd)


(3rd Place) Lincoln Adams (3rd)

1600M Relay-Girls

(1st Place) Eastridge, Bohbrink, Elliott, Gibson (A Team)

(2nd Place) Magueyal, Metsch, Metsch, Egenolf (B Team)

1600M Relay-Boys

(1st Place) Webb, White, Dusenbury, Williams (A Team) 

(2nd Place) Bohbrink, Wheeler, Webb, Adams (B Team)

We appreciate our cafeteria staff!

Thank you to our cafeteria staff for serving us delicious food each day!!

Painting in Preschool

Miss Maya took her class out to paint on a beautiful day!

2nd Grade Fun!

2nd grade continues to count down to summer vacation. Each day they pop a balloon to find out what exciting prize or activity they will be awarded the following school day! Check out some of the fun they’ve had already!


Kindergarten is celebrating each of its amazing students by dedicating one day to each of them! On this day they are the STAR of the class! They get to wear their favorite outfit, bring a show and tell, sit in the special booth, and be a part of the Mrs. Hanus/Miss Dunkley show. Then the class writes a special book just for them!

Students are also working on their presentation skills! A perfect way to practice these skills has been to share their timeline projects. Check out some of their amazing work below!

5th Graders visit Brown County Middle School!

They are almost ready to move on from Spruncia and onto Middle School!