August 11, 2023

WELCOME BACK! We are off to an AMAZING start! It is so nice to see all of the students and families! We missed everyone and are ready for a great new year!


We’re off to an amazing start in Preschool. Just look at these smiling faces! We’ve had a busy week learning our new classrooms and it’s been so much fun to watch our amazing kiddos explore and investigate. Go Tigers!


We had a great 1st day of school.  We have made new friends and learned many new things.  We have been learning our school and classroom rules.  Our kindergarten class participated in a school tour with Super Dog and his silly clues.  We explored the classroom and school to learn how to get to different places.  We also met special school helpers.  These helpers include Mrs. Bruner the school principal, Mrs. Crum the school secretary, and Mrs. Love the school nurse.  We went on the adventure in our capes and masks!

1st grade

First graders loved drinking “Jitter Juice”, playing “Find A Friend”, and lunch was of course a hit!!

2nd grade

2nd grade is off to a strong start!

3rd grade

Mrs. Stiles’ class is having a great first day!!!!!

Mrs. Ely’s Class

Good News! We saved Fred! Then, of course, we ate him!😂

4th grade

4th Grade had a very busy day! We worked on organizing our supplies, getting to know our classroom, and getting to know the teacher. We played a fun Kahoot to see how much we already knew about the teacher. Then, we played Blooket to review continents and oceans. It was also fun because we got to steal gold from one another ❤️

5th grade

Mrs. Middleton’s class had a great first day in 5th grade! Students participated in a STEM activity which required cooperation and communication!

Mrs Rund’s class had a fun time puzzling out true and false fun facts about her!