December 15, 2023

Another wonderful week at Sprunica Elementary! We have the best school with the best students and the best staff!!

Third Grade

3rd grade mathematicians listened to the story Christmas Farm and then competed to be the best Christmas tree farmers (have the most trees at the end)! They had to draw cards to see if they planted more trees or if their trees were lost to weather or animals.

Fourth Grade

4th grade had a wonderful guest speaker from the Brown County Public Library come to tell stories to our students. We love Martha and her incredible, captivating stories! It was a lovely way to wrap up the week.

Kindergarten Mystery Reader!

Mrs. Hanus’ class hosted another mystery reader! Mystery Readers are always a surprise! The students are given clues and try to guess who they are before entering the room! Arlen’s mom, Hannah, was our guest and read “How To Catch An Elf”!

Getting in the Holiday Spirit!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!