January 26, 2024


Super fun week in preschool this wee! We’ve been practicing the letter Bb and making rhombuses. We’ve been introducing the idea of Star Student which involves show and tell and the kids have been loving it each day. We celebrated a birthday and had delicious cupcakes!

 We have been practicing personal space and letter investigators! We have had to have some sad weather so we have been doing indoor recess and yoga! We can’t wait for some happy weather ! 


1st grade

First graders had fun with their 100th Day bottle projects. They collect 100 items and put them in a bottle and hid it inside a bag. They wrote 3 clues, which they read aloud. Other students had to guess their items. We were stumped a few times.

2nd grade

This week in second grade we weathered the storm of 2-hour delays and worked hard to keep our learning going. We have been working hard on 2-digit subtraction with regrouping. The kids have really grown in this skill. We celebrated the 100th Day of school this week. In social studies we have been learning about consumers and producers and the process products go through to finally get to stores for us to buy. 

3rd grade

We celebrated 100’s day with a snack and a “would you rather” activity! 

In reading we are working on the skill Main Idea and Supporting Details. In writing we learning how to paraphrase information we found in our nonfiction books. In math we are getting ready to take our unit test over Area. 

We have had a great week! It’s nice to be getting back into a routine! One of our favorite things to do during the week is to use our spelling words to write a “Shocking Story” and then share them with each other. We also are excited to learn how to write in cursive. You can see by their faces that they students take this work very seriously. We are also learning to play the recorder in Music! 

5th grade

Mrs. Rund’s 5th graders grew their own lettuce and got to make and eat their salads!!

Fifth Graders are settling into their third semester. The countdown is on as students are being prepared for sixth grade! In Math, students are conquering adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators. Next week, we begin multiplying and dividing fractions.

. Figurative language, writing poetry, and finishing up persuasive essays completes our writing unit,  while students are learning to identify and write simple, compound, and complex sentences in Language Arts. In Morphology, students are learning 5 greek root words: photo, phon, tele, auto, and graph/gram. In Reading, students are identifying text structures such as: compare and contrast, sequence, cause and effect, chronological order, and problem and solution.

Social Studies has created a stir with the disappearance of the first colony, Roanoke. Students are discovering the true story of Pocahontas and Squanto, and the effects colonists had on Native Americans. 

 Valentine Box Engineering Challenge– using found and craft materials, can you create a Valentine’s box that is disguised as something else?

Challenge Rules: Think about unusual ways to use the supplies. The Valentine’s holder must be free standing and must be constructed on a flat surface. Your goal is to build a Valentine’s holder that is disguised as something else.  Your holder must have a slot or place to put the valentines you receive from your classmates.. There are many different ways to complete this challenge. Be creative. Make sure to have it here by Tuesday, February 13. We will judge all of the boxes, and the winner will receive a prize! 


Scientist of the Week: Science Bowl Team

Students in grades 3-5 have been learning about different types of code. They used binary code to spell out their names and solve riddles. 

Students in grades K-2 continued working through their coding course. We even got some help from our 5th grade friends.


TedEd Club

The TEDEd Club was busy working on our TED talks this week. The members have chosen their ideas and have written a throughline that anchors their speech. This week, we focused on learning about hooks, perspective, tension, and our closing. This is a great group of kids who are doing amazing things!