February 16, 2024


We have had such a busy week here in preschool between our Valentine’s Day party and enjoy the nice weather! We have been searching for things that are rectangles and our classroom and talking about Ee! We’ve been able to donate so many things for Mother’s Cupboard and learning about how to help people in need. We’ll see you on Tuesday!!


We had an AMAZING week in kindergarten at Helmsburg Elementary!  We enjoyed our reading party and Valentine’s party!  Thank you for your support with the cards!  The students enjoyed delivering the cards to each of the boxes.  We also participated in 12 Valentine’s Day STEM stations this week.  They were FUN and CHALLENGING!

1st grade

Happy Valentine’s Day from first grade!!!!❤️🩷💜

2nd grade

Mrs. Baughman: Second graders have been very busy this week. We are finishing up our unit on measurement, and the kids have had so much fun to say the least learning how to measure things in different units And challenging themselves to see what different things in the rooms measure in length. We have two amazing IU students with us in our classroom this semester And are enjoying getting to know them and work with them. We had so much fun on Valentine’s Day. The kids were super creative and some of the designs they brought in they had created to hold their Valentines cards.

3rd grade

Mrs. Ely: Wow! What a week so far! Of course Valentine’s Day was the best part of our week so far! Thank you all for making it such a terrific time for us!  We also have started a fun STEM Challenge this week, where the kids must design and build a fence to keep Jasper, the rabbit out of the Creepy Carrots’ field. It is based on a story that we read in class. There are some pretty tricky criteria and constraints that are part of this challenge! I am excited to see what they come up with! 

Mrs. Stiles: We’ve had a great week in third grade!! We really enjoyed celebrating Valentine’s Day! In reading we are preparing for our iRead test. In writing we researched our animals behavioral adaptations. In math we finished up our unit on Perimeter. We hope everyone enjoys their three-day weekend! 

4th grade

What a fun, busy week in 4th Grade!

We have worked really, really hard this week in math. We have been learning all about decimal numbers. We have been learning about tenths and hundredths, and we have been learning about the benchmark fractions 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 and how they relate to hundredths. We have also been using all we’ve learned this year to solve multi-step story problems. 

We had a great time exchanging Valentine Cards and eating sweet treats. We also enjoyed writing all we love about ourselves and others. It was fun watching the kids write kind things about every person in the class !

In Why Try, we are still in our Motivation Factor Unit. We learned more about positive self-talk, and we listened to a song called, The Climb. We talked about how life is challenging, but we can get through those challenges. 

We’re ready for a 3-day weekend and snow!!! 

5th grade

This week in 5th grade we had a blast celebrating Valentine’s Day! We did a STEM challenge with Smarties in which students had to measure, build, and make fractions with their candies. Students in both classes engineered Valentine’s boxes that were disguised as something else. We had a unicorn, record player, basketball goals, and even a tree! Parents sent in baby pics of their 5th grader this week too! Students and teachers tried their best to guess which baby pic belonged to each student. 


Scientist of the Week: Helmsburg VEX Robotics Team

This week in science we celebrated Valentine’s Day. Students in fourth and fifth grade challenged themselves by building Loveboats. Students were given a $7.00 budget to buy materials to build their boats. The boats had to hold weight without sinking or taking on water. We talked about water displacement and buoyancy and the different parts of a boat. They were so creative!

Students in third grade had a candy heart stacking challenge. They had one minute to stack as many hearts as they could. Working with a partner, they used a stopwatch to keep time doing five trials. They then had to fine the mean, median, mode, and range using their numbers.

Students in kindergarten, first, and second did a similar stacking challenge. They had to stack as many as they could in one and a half minutes. After the stacking challenge, they graphed their results.


In 4th grade we starting our bucket drumming. Learning beginner to advanced rhythms. Nothing like getting loud in music! 


I love Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! books. They are a weird and wacky way to work on listening and reading comprehension!


This week in PE we enjoyed some free play with scooters and played Defend the Pin! Defend the Pin is a soccer based game where two teams compete to see who can knock over all of the other team’s pins first. This is a high energy, competitive game that really makes us sweat! It’s a class favorite for sure!