March 1, 2024

Another wonderful week at Sprunica Elementary! We have the best school with the best students and the best staff!!

STEM Certification

Mrs. Magner has taken the lead on getting Sprunica STEM Certified. She has worked relentlessly, along with our teachers and staff, to meet our goal of becoming certified. The STEM certificate in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics provides a comprehensive education to become highly qualified mathematics, science, and engineering teachers at the elementary and middle school levels.

SES is getting a site visit for the STEM certification! This is the last step towards becoming officially certified! This is a big deal!

Super Scientist

This week’s Super Scientist is Alaina! Alaina is an outstanding kiddo who always tries her best. Way to go, Alaina!!


Sawyer & Owen were both named our gym G.I.A.N.T. this week.

Congratulations, way to go boys!