March 29, 2024



This week we focused on different types of Enterprising careers.  We participated in activities that required us to lead the group.  This was definitely lots of fun!  Please check out the photos from this week!

1st grade

This week, first graders learned about The Fab 4.  I explained that it wasn’t the Beatles.  We learned that The Fab 4 are 4 characters that help us with our reading comprehension.  It focuses on 4 skills:  making predictions, asking questions, clarifying information, and summarizing.  Each character/skill has a name and a prop to go with it. We also use hand motions when we do not have the props.  Our characters are Paula the Predictor, Quincy the Questioner, Clara the Clarifier, and Sammy the Summarizer.  The class used our posters and props to review the character names, props, hand motions, and jobs. 

2nd grade

Mrs. Baughman: This week in second grade we have been learning all about what an author and illustrator is in writing as we will soon be published authors/illustrators ourselves!  We are working on our Student Treasures books about What We Want To Be in the Future. We have been talking about jobs and how they relate to our RIASEC codes as we started work on these books. I can’t wait to see the finished product! My class LOVES taking care of and feeding the birds outside our classroom windows. So proud of all these kids and the great art work they made for the Art show. Today we hung new birdseed eggs in our trees. Look at those second graders working so hard on Mindplay! 

Mrs. Rawling’s class had a great week!  The students enjoyed reading Library Lion and discussing how character’s feelings cause them to act.  We worked hard at adding 3-digit numbers, and learned several strategies to do so.  Students are earning lots of stickers for passing lessons at 100% in IReady Reading and Math!  

3rd grade

Mrs. Stiles: This week in reading we are learning about Theme. In writing we are prepping for ILEARN. We are reviewing how to write each type of writing: Narrative, Persuasive, and Informational. In math we are finishing up our unit in fractions. Our pictures are from the weekly blooket vocabulary game. It’s been a great week in third grade! 

Mrs. Ely: We have enjoyed doing different types of writing over the past week! We have created, written, and shared comics with our friends. We typed, revised, edited, and shared our Informational Texts. We have also started reviewing and practicing various writing prompts to prepare for iLearn. We started our Economy Unit in Social Studies and the kids are very excited about the activities that we will be doing with this unit! Stay tuned for more information!

4th grade

4th Grade is very busy learning all things geometry right now. We are drawing and measuring angles using protractors. We are drawing perpendicular lines, parallel lines, and intersecting lines that aren’t perpendicular. 

We are learning about nonfiction organizational text structures in reading. We have been reading lots of example texts and determining which text structure is being utilized in each: chronological order, description, compare and contrast, cause and effect, and problem solution. 

It has been a full and wonderful week! 

5th grade


What an amazing week! Our citizens of BizTown created a product, made a prototype, used assembly lines, traded products, and learned about scarcity.. After a wonderful campaign by three awesome candidates, our fifth grade citizens also used their rights and responsibilities to vote for the Mayor of BizTown .Students will be practicing soft skills this next week, and practicing their interview skills for job interviews next Friday.  

In Reading, students are enjoying novels: making connections, creating story plots, summarizing, and predicting. In Language Arts, students are mastering the use of quotation marks, writing dialogue, and identifying text structure. Students have been creating words and reviewing the meanings of prefixes and suffixes in Morphology. Students will begin writing biographies of famous Americans this coming week!

In Math, students are using data to create line plots to find the mean, median, mode, range and outliers of the data. Students had a quick round of a review of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions using dice to add a twist. 

The Revolutionary War is all the talk in Social Studies. Students are understanding point of view from Loyalists, Patriots, and those who remained neutral. 

It has been an exciting week in Fifth Grade!  


Scientist of the Week: Charlibell McMillion

This week in science…

Fifth grade students examined the causes of flooding using the real-world example of Hurricane Katrina. In the activity, Save Beachtown, students proposed plans to prevent flooding and save historic buildings in a coastal town–all while staying within a $1,000,000 budget!

Fourth grade students explored how energy can be stored as height. In the activity, Bumper Coasters (Part I), students built paper roller coasters. Students released marbles down the roller coaster track to understand height energy and energy transfer.

Third grade students began a new unit in science, Circle of Life. In this unit, students compare and contrast the life cycles of both animals and plants. Students create models to build an understanding that all organisms share certain stages in their life cycles: birth, growth, reproduction, and death. Students also explore how an understanding of life cycles can aid in solving problems that occur when there are too many or too few organisms in a particular environment.

Second grade students explored how the structures of seeds enable them to disperse, with a focus on seeds that utilize animal structures to aid in their dispersal. In the activity, Seed Travelers, students developed a model of a furry animal (“fluffadoo”) and then used it to test how far seed models with different structures can travel.

First grade students explored all of the different shapes of the Moon that can appear on different nights. In the activity, My Moon Book, students observed photos of the Moon taken over the course of four weeks and drew pictures of the Moon’s phases in their book. They used these observations to discover patterns in how the Moon’s shape changes and predict when the next full moon will appear.

Kindergarten students thought about their experiences with hot and cold weather, and learned about a real city where the sun never shines in winter. In the activity, Chill City, students experimented with different types of materials (opaque, transparent, and reflective) to figure out how to reflect light. They used this to bring light and warmth to an imaginary paper town.