April 5, 2024



This week we took individual photos with our AMAZING art projects.  We enjoyed dancing to the special Lotus Blossom program we watched on Wednesday!  We also enjoyed being with our classmates.   Please check out the photos from this week!

1st grade

Mrs. Garman: First graders have been writing “All About Me” books. They have been writing about their families, pets, friends, hobbies, and favorite things. They have also been writing about their school and RIASEC codes!

Mrs. Fultz: First graders had fun looking for the rare bird, Lirpa Sloof (April Fools spelled backwards). After they discovered I had tricked them, I told them I got some brownies for them. I passed out brown paper E’s for them. They took it so well. Finally, we had some real brownies. They barely believed that I had them. So much fun!

2nd grade

Mrs. Baughman: Second graders have had a full week of fun and learning. Dress for Success day was a hit! Students dressed as a marine biologist, a military person and a vet. We have been working hard on 3-Digit addition in math learning about decomposing and adjusting addends. Students have really picked up on these skills and are enjoying all the different strategies we are learning. Our IU student, Kiersten enjoys reading stories with the class and they love having her read to them! Lotus Blossoms – Making Movies visited HES this week! It was AMAZING! The kids had such a good time singing and dancing with them.

3rd grade

Mrs. Ely: This week in third grade we have been reviewing to get ready for iLearn. We took our iLearn Practice Tests. We have also been learning about the Eclipse and are VERY excited about it. Let’s cross our fingers that the weather cooperates for us! We have had inside recess again this week. Although, sometimes inside recess can be fun, we are ready for warmer weather and sunny skies so that we can run and play! Enjoy your long weekend! I can’t wait to hear about it!

4th grade

What an interesting week we’ve had in 4th Grade! We started the week with loads of April Fool’s Day pranking! Mrs. Joy probably had WAY more fun than the students. lol 

Interestingly enough, we had a Flood Drill for one of our pranks, and then…BAM! We’re out of school for a Flood Day! Who would have thought? 

ELearning is always a fun time. We are learning to be independent and responsible. And, we’re learning all about time management. We had a lot of successes with our eLearning assignments, and we also set a lot of goals for next year. We are growing. 

We have been super busy finishing our World Issue Persuasive Essays. They have taken a long time, but we are really proud of all our hard work. 

We are learning all about nonfiction organizational text structures. We are learning why writers organize information in a certain way. We are learning how to look for signal words to help us decide the structure. 

This week was interesting, but we’re sure next week will be even more interesting! We are excited for the eclipse! 

5th grade

We had the BizTown Interview Day for the Fifth Graders! They were so nervous, but excited, and yet prepared! Guests from around the community interviewed each of the fifth graders for a job at BizTown. Students have been learning all about soft skills and workplace expectations. They had fun acting out scenarios between ‘employers’ and  ‘employees’ and learning how not to behave at work. 

Students took the ILearn practice tests for LA, Math and Social Studies this week, and watched an amazing performance by a band sponsored by The Lotus Blossoms.

 Fifth graders reviewed Math skills, conquered mean, median, mode, and range using data from line plots, and began working on coordinate planes and ordered pairs.

 In LA, students cried as they read through a very sad portion of their novel, and had a great discussion on the five stages of grief. Students also worked through a poem by Robert Frost. Students compared the literal meaning of the poem to the figurative meaning, then read a biography about Frost. Students cited evidence from his biography to explain the difficult life that he had.

 In Social Studies, students are learning about the Revolutionary War. Students debated the views of Loyalists vs. Patriots, and are beginning to read about the battles of the war.

This week has flown by! Students have their eclipse glasses ready and are excited to be a part of their own history!


Scientist of the Week:  Everly Rosebrock

This week in science…

Just in time for the eclipse, fifth grade began a new unit, Spaceship Earth. In this unit, students explore the Earth, Sun, Moon, and stars using observations of shadows and changing patterns in the sky. Students also explore the planets of our Solar System and begin to consider what might lie beyond.

Fourth grade students investigated how energy transfers when objects collide. In the activity, Bumper Jumper, students asked questions and made predictions about how far a marble will launch over a jump after colliding with other objects.

Third grade students explored animal life cycles by thinking about their birthday buddies—all the animals that were born on the exact same day as they were born—and what happens to those birthday buddies over the course of their lives. In the activity, Birthday Buddies Timeline, students developed a model to compare the life stories of different animals. Using this model, students discovered that although the lives of animals can be very different, they all have in common birth, growth, reproduction, and death.

Kindergarten, first, and second grade students learned about the upcoming eclipse! Students reflected on how shadows are made when light is blocked and connect this to the really BIG shadow the Moon makes during a total solar eclipse. Not only did they explore what a total solar eclipse is, but also the other types of eclipses. 


March Madness is complete! We crowned each grade level winner then went on to play the crossover bracket.

Mrs. Stiles class won the third grade title over Mrs. Ely by just 2 points! They then went on to play Mrs. Joy’s class winner. Mrs. joy’s class won the 3rd/4th matchup.

Mrs. Middleton’s class came out with a narrow victory against Mrs. Rund’s class to take the 5th grade title. Mrs. Middleton’s class then faced off against 4th grade and won 16-4 to take the overall Helmsburg Championship!! 



So much fun in speech-language therapy this week!!!