May 3, 2024

5th grade JA BIZTOWN



This week we have enjoyed spending time with friends in the beautiful weather!  Check out the photos from this week.

1st grade

Mrs. Garman: Watch out parents, 1st graders have written persuasive letters to you about a pet that they would like to adopt!

Mrs. Fultz: First graders have been learning how to add 2 two-digit numbers with and without regrouping the ones. We’ve learned how to use a 120 chart, an open number line, drawing place value blocks , and using place value blocks to solve these kinds of problems. This week we were creative and used pretzel sticks for the tens and mini-marshmallows for the ones. It was a delicious way to add.

2nd grade

Mrs. Baughman: Second graders had an AMAZING week!  We are super excited to receive our Student Treasures books we published!  YES! We are published authors! We wrote our books about what we wanted to do when we grew up focusing on our RIASEC codes.  We had a blast at WonderLab on our field trip this week. We loved exploring the world of science. We also got the chance in our science demonstration to pet a corn snake and a gecko.  We also had Ms. Martha come and tell us stories!  We are also learning about graphing in math and had fun getting to create our own graphs after surveying our classmates.  What a great week with more fun and learning to come before the end of the year!

Mrs. Rawlings. We had another busy week full of learning and fun!  We enjoyed having Mrs. Sechler come read to us!  She tells the best stories!

In Reading we compared and contrasted The Three Little Pigs and another version of The Three Little Pigs using a Venn Diagram.  In Math we have been working on reading and making graphs.  We had a wonderful time at the Wonderlab!  A huge thank you to the parents who were able to attend. 

3rd grade

Mrs. Ely: One of our favorite things to do is listen to Mrs. Sechler tell us stories. She once said, “I heard someone say that when you tell stories to children, you are saying, ‘I love you.’ ”  We are so glad that she makes time to visit us!  We sure do love her! 

We have been back on a normal schedule this week and it has felt good to be back, if only for a week! We have a very busy next couple of weeks coming up! We have some very exciting things in the works! Our field trip is Friday, May 10th and our Market Days are Friday, May 17th and Sunday, May 19th! Be sure to check out the Monday Letter for other upcoming events that you won’t want to miss! 

Mrs. Stiles: We are so excited to finally be learning cursive!!!! We are getting ready for our student-led conference along many other end of the year activities. In math and reading we are working on our iReady diagnostics. In Social Studies we are working on our Market Day project. We are very excited for our field trip next Friday and are finishing out the year strong! 

4th grade

Fourth Grade has had a fantastic week! We finished iLearn, and everyone did their personal best! We are glad we are finished, and we are ready to finish the year strong. Our motto is “We Work Hard! We Play Hard!”

In Social Studies, we started our unit on state government. We are loving this unit. We solved a puzzle together to learn all the new vocabulary in this unit. We are learning about bills, state constitution, system of checks and balances, local government, roles of citizens, and federal government. We are working in small groups now to create our own puzzles about government. 

We are reviewing prime and composite numbers and factors and multiples. We have been working in groups a lot this week to review. We are also mastering long division, the standard algorithm. Shewwww… has been tricky, but we almost have it! 

Things are going great, and we’re excited for the end of the year!

5th grade

What a week! BizTown was a huge success! These students came prepared to work hard and did they ever! Every student used the skills they have learned these last few weeks and ran a successful business! Students were respectful citizens, great team players, philanthropists, and loved being an “adult” for a day! Students used debit cards, kept track of their own bank accounts, and loved spending their hard earned salaries! We were so proud of them. 

In Math, students are beginning their Taco Truck project. Fifth grade students will design and build a Taco Truck! Students will determine their business name and logo, set menus and prices, sell their products, and so much more. 

In Social Studies, fifth graders are finishing their biographies, creating speeches, figuring out their costumes and making posters for the Night at the Wax Museum! 

In Reading, students are finishing up their novel studies, and working on plot maps. 

What an amazing week! Students are really stepping up and growing up! They are almost ready to tackle 6th grade!


Scientist of the Week: Mackenzie Finley

This week in science…

Fifth grade students gathered evidence to support an argument that the apparent brightness of the Sun is dependent upon an observer’s distance from the Sun. In the activity, Solar Energy Explorer, students constructed a model solar system and gathered observations of the Sun’s apparent brightness from each planet within their model. Students then used those observations as evidence to support a claim about which planet is best suited to explore with a solar-powered planetary rover.

Fourth grade students were introduced to electricity as a form of energy. In the activity, Build a Flashlight, students investigated how electrical energy requires a circuit and made their own mini flashlights from LEDs, button batteries, and strips of aluminum foil. Along the way, they learned about the anatomy of a battery, began to see how circuits work, and discovered how handy an on-off switch can be.

Third grade students learned about why plants grow fruit. In the activity, Science Fruit or Vegetable, students examined common grocery produce and predicted if each item is a science fruit or science vegetable. Then they took a closer look at slices of the produce and searched for seeds.

Second grade students obtained information about Death Valley in order to see how different living things make use of water in different forms and in different places. After a review of the Plant Adventures unit, students virtually traveled to different locations in Death Valley. They made observations about how the water at each location supports a wide variety of incredible living things, ranging from one of the oldest living things on Earth to one of the rarest.

First grade students began a new unit called Plant Superpowers. In this unit, students explore the different parts of plants and how those parts are essential for plant survival.

Kindergarten students also began a new unit, Plant Secrets. In this unit, students use observations to understand the basic needs of plants, such as water and sunlight. They also observe young plants and the changes they undergo as they grow from seed to seedling.

The IU Maker Mobile visited the HES Family Night last Friday! Students and their families built and launched stomp rockets, built towers out of pvc pipe, and used a 3D printer. A big THANK YOU to the Maker Mobile for all the fun!


This week in PE we enjoyed a lot of time outside! 

The littles got to explore some unguided playtime to use their imaginations.

The older classes got to play games such as 4 Square and Kickball! 

With all of the testing going on in the classroom, these kids needed some time to be just outside!