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December 1, 2023



We have been working on our counting and number writing while playing golf in our classroom.   We have been having a blast!  Check out the photos from this week!

1st grade

Mrs. Fultz: This week in first grade, we learned about adding 3 numbers together. We made problems using a digital spinner and solved them on our dry erase boards. Yesterday, we rolled jumbo dice to get 3 numbers to add together. Then, we solved them on our dry erase boards. For extra practice, we worked with a partner and used 3 normal sized dice to create problems to solve. We are using several mental math strategies like doubles and making a 10 to help use solve these kinds of addition problems.

Mrs. Garman: First graders have been celebrating that we’ve been in school for 70 days! We used pattern blocks to make pictures of things that were popular in the 1970s! After making their picture, they had to figure out how many of each shape they used to make the picture!

2nd grade

Mrs. Baughman: Second graders were excited to get back to work after break. We have been working so hard on our nonfiction books over Penguins. The kids have learned how to research information about their assigned penguin for their writing. In math, we are working on addition of two- digit numbers. This week we are learning how to decompose numbers and break apart two-digit numbers represented with base-10 blocks. 

3rd grade

Mrs. Ely: We have been hard at work this week! We continue to learn new division strategies in Math. In Reading, we are starting to read and analyze nonfiction texts. We are learning about our emotions during our SEL lessons. The students really enjoy these lessons! Our classroom is starting to bubble with excitement as the upcoming holidays get closer. We even have had some elves and their pets visit us! 

Mrs. Stiles: This week we started our multiplication flashcards. We have learned many strategies for solving multiplication problems and now we are learning to memorize our facts. 

In writing we are writing persuasive essays to Santa to convince him to hire us, as an elf! In reading we are working really hard to move up reading levels before the semester ends. 

4th grade

We hit the ground running after a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! We have worked really hard this week, and we’ve had some fun, too. 

In World of Work, we started learning about the “A” in the RIASEC Code. “A” stands for Artistic. We watched a video about things artistic people love to do. We tallied every time we heard something we love, too. We discovered who the artistic ones were among us. 

In Math, we are learning how to multiply by 10’s, 100’s, and 1,000’s. We are also learning how to multiply by 3 digit numbers by 1 digit. We are trying to memorize all the prime numbers, too, so we have an easier time finding factors. 

For “This or That Thursday” we did a fun Would You Rather Brain Break video. The kids were huffing and puffing before 9:00 am. 
We are looking forward to the Santa Breakfast and a fun-filled December! 

5th grade

Students are back from Thanksgiving break, and working harder than ever! In Language Arts, students are working on diagramming direct objects, objects of the preposition, and identifying adverbs. Students will also begin trying their hand at different types of poetry! In Morphology, students are working on prefixes dis- and over-. We are also practicing creating word sums with affixes and base words. In Reading, students are citing evidence to support their answers, inferring conclusions from their novel, and summarizing information. Students are learning how to write an argumentative paper, and will be writing one together in the next few days. In Math, students are finishing up the unit on multiplying with decimals, and will begin learning long division next week. In Social Studies, students are exploring famous explorers and the effects they had on the new world. 


Scientist of the Week:  Bree Hammes

This week in science class, our students have been learning about the importance of being responsible digital citizens. We’ve covered a range of topics including media balance, digital footprints, privacy and security, online communication, cyberbullying, and media literacy. It’s crucial for our students to develop a strong understanding of these concepts as they navigate the digital world. The students learned about clickbait and why it’s important to be cautious when encountering sensational headlines or misleading information online. They also explored what makes a strong password and practiced creating secure passwords for their online accounts. These are essential skills that will help them stay safe and make informed decisions in the digital realm.

In addition to our main topics, we also discussed the rights and responsibilities of creators. It’s important for our students to understand the value of intellectual property and respect the work of others. We also touched upon the topic of phishing and how to protect oneself from online scams. By equipping our students with knowledge and strategies, we are empowering them to make responsible choices and navigate the online world confidently.


Kids in the TEDEd club learned about giving feedback to each other. We drew bunnies and gave each other feedback about them. We learned about 4 types of feedback and which one is the most meaningful.


This week in PE we started our Floor Hockey unit! Students in grades 3-5 learned about the rules of the game, its origin, and all the different positions in the game. We split into teams and got to enjoy some competitive play. The kids did so well learning the rules and applying what they learned on the court. This is one of our favorite games to play each year! 


Thanksgiving Escape Room winners!


This week, several students created Christmas riddles!  They worked on a variety of speech and language skills, including articulation, fluency, grammar, and semantics!


This week in art we are drawing winter bears.  You will be able to see many of these at the Winter Concert.  The students are also using this week to finish their pointillism Turkey projects.